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Our 90g candles now feature cotton wicks for a better burn. Enjoy a more reliable and consistent scent experience. Our 200g candles still boast perfect burns with wooden wicks. Thank you for your continued support!

New Fragrance! Peppermint Crisp-Tert.

Indulge your senses in the sweet symphony of South African nostalgia with our Peppermint Crisp-tert Scented Candle. Immerse yourself in the warm embrace of cherished memories as this unique fragrance evokes the essence of a classic tart recipe, beautifully translated into a captivating aroma.

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It is the nickname my grandma had for me. The star shaped spices she put in her food. And the words of one of my favourite Afrikaans poems: “daar is iemand, iemand in anys, daar is ‘n vrou in elke geur.” It is the taste that is hard to describe but if you taste it memories rush back… mosbolletjie rusks and moerkoffie. Just like that I want my candles to make you remember your fondest memories…The afternoon walks on the beach, the hikes up Table mountain, the citrus trees in your grandma’s backyard. I also want you to make new memories fragranced with our special candles. So make a cup of coffee, snuggle in front of the fireplace, light a candle and relax

  • Clean Burning

    Our candles are made of soy wax and wooden wicks. This ensures a safe, non-toxic burning candle for your home. Our scents are subtle and will enrich any space.

  • Long lasting

    Unlike paraffin wax, soy wax burns much longer if burned correctly. Our 200 gram candles ensures at least 40-50 hours of burn time.

  • Perfect gift

    Ignite joy and create lasting memories with our thoughtfully crafted candles. The perfect gift for your loved ones.

"My nooi is in ʼn nartjie,
my ouma in kaneel,
daar’s iemand… iemand in anys,
daar’s ʼn vrou in elke geur!"

DJ Opperman

  • Vicky

    "...They are divine! The fragrance lasts. I just sit here taking deep breaths. Awesome product, will definetly recommend."

  • Lani

    "...my friends received the candles today and love them! Thank you for the great service. Looking forward to getting some for myself."

  • Lisa

    "I have been purchasing Anys candles since the small business was started, and every time I have been thrilled with the products! Incredible quality accompanied by fresh ideas and heavenly scents!! Do yourself and your home a favour 🤩🤩"

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