Hi, I’m Arné (Owner and founder of Anys Candle Co.)

I started Anys Candle Company during my baby girl’s naps. Yes, that’s right, I’m just a mom pouring candles during nap time! Our company and family has relocated to a new province and grown much since. Welcoming new scents and a cute baby boy.

I fell in love with candles after experiencing the ambiance of a scented candle at a friend’s house.

I could just never find a fragrance I like. They were either too pungent or just ordinary. The serial maker in me decided to make my own. The rest is history of course!

Combined with my love for this country and the special place it holds, and my love for scented candles I aim to recreate unique South African smells that will transport you back to your favourite memory in our beautiful country.


​And the name?

It is the nickname my grandma had for me. The star shaped spices she put in her food. And the words of one of my favourite Afrikaans poems: “daar is iemand, iemand in anys, daar is ‘n vrou in elke geur.” It is the taste that is hard to describe but if you taste it memories rush back… mosbolletjie rusks and moerkoffie. Just like that I want my candles to make you remember your fondest memories…The afternoon walks on the beach, the hikes up Table mountain, the citrus trees in your grandma’s backyard. I also want you to make new memories fragranced with our special candles. So make a cup of coffee, snuggle in front of the fireplace, light a candle and relax

More than just rekindling old memories I believe that our candles will transform your home. Creating a lovely ambiance setting the mood for any occasion.

At Anys Candle Co. we hand pour our candles at our home candle studio in St Helena Bay. Our candles are 100% soy wax and wooden wicked which make them clean burning unlike harsh paraffin based candles.